At West County Wastewater, our mission, vision, values and daily operations directly focus on protecting public health and the environment. This World Ozone Day, September 16, 2021, we encourage the community to join us in taking responsibility for defending our planet and our natural resources.

This year’s theme, “Ozone for Life: 36 Years of Ozone Layer Protection,” highlights the impact of ozone depletion and how it affects our health, the environment and the economy. Ozone depletion causes high levels of UV production, which negatively impacts our ecosystems, food chain, aquatic life and plant growth.

West County Wastewater is dedicated to sustainable practices that protect our natural surroundings. Our Climate Action Plan details ways we are working toward becoming carbon neutral. And, our Board of Directors recently approved the contract for Comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Upgrades, which will revolutionize the way we do business and put us at the forefront of environmental best practices in the wastewater industry.

To help protect the ozone and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays, we invite the community to adopt habits that reduce ozone depletion, such as minimizing travel by car, purchasing local products and using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Read the Board of Directors’ proclamation below.