Healthy ecosystems are vital to the wellbeing and safety of people, the environment and our neighborhoods. This World Environment Day, with the theme “Ecosystem Restoration,” WCW encourages the community to take action in supporting the rebuilding and recovery of our planet and its ecological relationships.

At WCW, our mission is to protect public health and the environment. We are proud to play a critical role in keeping local ecosystems sustainable and clean. We properly and safely treat all our wastewater and send most of it for use as industrial recycled water. Our team is available around the clock to respond to sewer emergencies, helping prevent overflows from entering the environment or spilling into streets and parks.

We urge you to engage in protecting and restoring these important resources and the habitats that depend on them. Maintaining the health of our ecosystems also regulates disease, reduces natural disasters, improves biodiversity and promotes numerous environmental and economic benefits. For ideas on how to support local ecosystem preservation, go to

Read the Board of Directors’ proclamation below.

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