The West County Wastewater team is dedicated to the region we serve, and we are proud to play a role in improving life for local residents. We are honored to demonstrate our devotion in our day-to-day actions, as well as through inspirational leadership such as issuing proclamations to guide engagement. The following October proclamations are intended to encourage our employees and the public to actively participate in building and fostering a strong, diverse and vibrant community by supporting our friends, neighbors and residents.



Indigenous Peoples’ Day – WCW joins a growing number of communities honoring the past, present and future of native peoples throughout the United States by declaring October 12, 2020, as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We invite people of all backgrounds to take time on the second Monday in October each year, traditionally known as Columbus Day, to recognize the culture and contributions of Native Americans.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October is also recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Millions of Americans, including men and women, have been victims of domestic violence. Beyond physical violence, this also includes intimidation and mental abuse. WCW invites all people to support victims and speak out when learning about instances of domestic violence. Wearing purple raises awareness and is symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending violence.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Breast cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer and the second leading cause of death among women in the United States. While all women and men are at risk, women over 50 are most susceptible to being diagnosed with breast cancer. WCW recognizes October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and encourages all community members and employees to join the fight against this deadly disease, including wearing pink this month to show support.

dedication to ending violence.

American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month – Celebrated annually in August throughout California, American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month celebrates religious freedoms, condemns harassment and discrimination, and honors the value Muslim Americans bring to strengthening communities across the nation. WCW respectfully acknowledges the rich history and guiding virtues of Muslim Americans and applauds Muslim communities in California for the lasting positive impact they have made, and continue to make, toward the advancement of the state and the nation.


Read the full proclamations issued by the WCW Board of Directors by clicking the links below: