West County Wastewater recently launched a new incentive program to encourage homeowners and businesses to repair or replace damaged sewer connections.

The Public Incentive Program for Efficiency of Sewers (PIPES) offers rebates of up to 50% of the cost to fix or replace sewer laterals, to help property owners offset expense.

Sewer laterals are the pipes that connect homes and businesses to public sewer mains. Failing and broken laterals can leak sewage into the environment, allow excess rain and groundwater water into pipes and overwhelm the treatment system.

PIPES will reimburse residential and commercial property owners half of the cost to replace a failed lateral, up to $4,500. Repair costs are also reimbursed at the 50% rate, up to $1,000.

To qualify for a PIPES rebate, property owners must first submit a video inspection conducted by a licensed contractor, three repair quotes and a completed application form. Pre-approval is required. Exact rebate amounts are calculated based on geographic location and the length and depth of sewer laterals.

Click here to apply or learn more about the PIPES program.