(RICHMOND, CA) At a regular board meeting on April 5, 2023, the West County Wastewater (WCW) Board of Directors appointed Deputy General Manager Andrew Clough as General Manager.

“We look forward to working with Andrew in his new role as General Manager,” WCW Board President Cheryl Sudduth stated, “and we have every confidence that he will continue to lead the organization on a path of success for staff and the West County community.”

Andrew was hired in 2019 as WCW’s Deputy General Manager and has over 30 years of management and operations experience.  In his role with WCW, he has spearheaded management of significant projects for WCW, most recently the Clean and Green Project, which officially “breaks ground” later this month, the Living Levee Project, and significant intergovernmental agreements.

Before coming to WCW, Andrew served as Public Works Director for the City of Berkeley and the City of Emeryville.  Andrew is experienced in agency management and leadership, and project delivery.  As a professional geologist and environmental scientist, Andrew offers a unique blend of technical, environmental, organizational development, and management experience to the role of General Manager.

The WCW Board and leadership team look forward to working together to uphold the organization’s mission, vision, and values.


West County Wastewater (WCW) was founded in 1921 to protect and serve the public health of the community through the construction and maintenance of a sewer system. Today, WCW provides sewage collection, treatment and disposal services to approximately 34,000 residences and 2,450 commercial and industrial businesses. WCW serves a total population of about 100,000 residents across 16.9 square miles. Governed by a five-member Board of Directors, WCW embraces practices that promote energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.