Celebrate PRIDE! At West County Wastewater we don’t just celebrate diversity, we embrace it. Diversity makes our workplaces, neighborhoods and society vibrant, innovative and more resilient.

Pride Month provides the opportunity to recognize the movement toward equal rights for LGBTQ+ people. We encourage the community to speak up for LGBTQ+ rights, discourage prejudice and discrimination, and take action to continue advancement toward equity and inclusiveness.

To WCW, equity isn’t just a discussion that happens during national months or days recognizing groups of people. It is ingrained in our day-to-day actions, our connections with the community and the interactions between our team members. This month, we are proudly flying Pride flags at our headquarters office and the Water Quality and Resource Recovery Plant.

Each year, nationally celebrating PRIDE in June observes the June 28, 1969, Stonewall Riots, which were a pivotal point for equity and civil rights. In the decades since these riots, LGBTQ+ rights have grown substantially. Pride Month recognizes that there is still work to be done in this ongoing struggle, while also celebrating progress and the harmony in which we coexist.

Read the Board of Directors’ proclamation below.

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