As households shelter in place during the coronavirus outbreak, there will be an increase in cooking at home and use of sanitary wipes. Grease, food waste and cleaning supplies such as wipes and paper towels do not readily break down. When sent down the drain, they impact the sanitary system by clogging pipes and pumps. Grease and cleaning supplies should be thrown in the trash, as well as food waste if not composted.


Keep your wipes out of the pipes!

It’s important to remember that only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Other items, including wipes, floss and hygiene products, can block the sewage system and cause overflows into homes and streets. Even items that are labeled as flushable can lead to blockages that can flood you or your neighbor’s home or business and cause thousands of dollars in damage. These blockages also cause environmental hazards including contaminated rivers, lakes and streams, often leading to beach closures.


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Infographic courtesy of California Association of Sanitation Agencies. Click the image to view a larger version.