Community devotion and customer service are integral to the daily operations at West County Wastewater and we work to meet the needs of our service area with innovation, thought leadership and care. Our team is here to serve you, whether it is responding to an after-hours emergency, obtaining a sewer permit, conducting an inspection, or scheduling a tour of our Water Quality and Resource Recovery Plant.

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Lisa Malek-Zadeh

Lisa brings innovation, passion and business expertise to her position of General Manager at West County Wastewater (WCW). Her fresh perspective is transforming WCW, bringing an increased focus on community stewardship, public engagement, customer service, effective problem-solving, organizational culture and modernization.

Lisa ensures WCW reflects its core values of service, trust, leadership, collaboration and accountability while meeting its mission of protecting public health through the safe, responsible collection and treatment of wastewater.  She leads WCW in recovering wastewater for reuse and minimizing it’s environmental footprint.

Lisa manages a professional, transparent and accountable team of employees in planning for future wastewater needs of the community, collaborating with local, regional and national partners, and building trust among the public and stakeholders.

Lisa came to WCW in April 2016 as Business Services Manager after 17 years of public employee service and experience. Lisa was promoted to Deputy General Manager/Chief Operating Officer in January 2018 and later became the Interim General Manager. She was named General Manager in January 2019.

Prior to joining WCW, Lisa served as Finance Director/Treasurer at the City of El Cerrito. Her career includes public service at the City of Berkeley, where she held various positions in business administration and financial management. Lisa also spent six years working in public works, including capital projects, sewer, solid waste and transportation, where she developed strong operations and budgeting skills.

Lisa holds a Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.

Andrew Clough

With more than 30 years of management and operations experience, Andrew uses collaboration and innovative thinking to efficiently and effectively solve problems and accomplish objectives. He is skilled in strategic planning, budget creation and fiscal management, managing cross-functional project teams, staff development, public speaking, community engagement and more.

Andrew has served as the Public Works Director for the City of Emeryville and the City of Berkeley. In his role at the City of Berkeley, he implemented data-driven improvements that produced a sustained reduction in sanitary sewer overflows of over 80 percent. He is experienced in agency management and leadership and project delivery, offering a strong customer service ethic, sound fiscal management and inclusive communications strategies. Andrew developed the City of Berkeley Public Works Department’s Our Commitment to Customer Service Program, which transformed its culture and helped achieve the city’s vision. As a professional geologist and environmental scientist, Andrew brings a unique blend of technical, environmental, organizational development and management experience to WCW.

Aaron Winer

Aaron’s lengthy career includes a wide variety of project management, plant operations management, and environmental compliance. Aaron is experienced in presenting to boards, communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders and interacting with staff. He spent eight years managing wastewater operations and all related activities for the City of Richmond while working for Veolia Water under contract to the City. His experience in that role includes direct and indirect oversight of operations, maintenance, laboratory, sewer and storm operations and maintenance, customer and client relations, capital planning and construction, budgeting and financial responsibility, regulatory and safety compliance and more. Aaron has played integral roles in helping organizations evolve, including enhancing customer and internal relations, improving communications, and building community involvement and trust.

Justin Lovell

Justin brings more than 15 years of management experience to WCW, with a strong emphasis on budget and finance, project management, sustainability initiatives and process improvements. Prior to working at WCW, Justin served as Financial Services Manager for the City of South San Francisco where he oversaw and directed citywide financial management. He also has more than six years of experience working in the South San Francisco Public Works Department, overseeing the finances of the Capital Improvement Program, developing the sewer enterprise fund 10-year financial forecasts, and managing teams to bring the five-year sewer rate plan through the Proposition 218 process and ultimately to the City Council for approval. Justin has extensive experience working with staff, elected officials, and intergovernmental agencies to advance strategic priorities.

Michael Savannah

Michael’s resume includes experience in both the private sector and on local, state and international projects for a wide variety of government clients. He possesses strong personnel and project management skills, as well as planning and design experience. Michael joined WCW five years ago, starting in the Engineering Department as a senior engineering technician. He was promoted to Senior Project Manager of the Capital Projects Division in 2018. Michael then became WCW’s first Capital Programs Manager where, working with a team of stakeholders and project management staff, he led the creation and approval of the 5-Year Capital Plan and Capital Project budget process. Michael previously served as the WCW Interim I & P Department Manager and as a member of the General Manager’s Resource Team, an advisory body for the General Manager. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and was awarded a prestigious PMP certification by the Project Management Institute. Individuals with this certification are globally recognized and in demand for their skills, standards and successful project completion rates. Michael is a strategic thinker with the ability to develop partnerships and relationships that drive results across the organization and with stakeholders, while keeping service at the forefront of WCW’s day-to-day work.