With the Bay Area home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States, West County Wastewater encourages the local community to recognize American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month this August.

WCW is proud to advocate for the importance of religious freedom, diversity and cultural traditions across our country and in our local neighborhoods. It is vital we honor the valuable contributions of the Muslim community to the cultural, political, and economic fabric and well-being of California and the United States.

We must also recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace, including within our own employees. At WCW, we are dedicated to building a strong, diverse team that upholds the values we promote.

We understand that freedom of religion, including those who practice Islam, is a cherished right and fundamental value of living in America. WCW invites the community to join us in extending the respect and camaraderie every American deserves and in using our diversity to create resiliency and vigor in our neighborhoods, businesses, schools and workplaces.

Read the Board of Director’s proclamation below.

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