Every year on June 19, our country honors Juneteenth and the celebration of the abolition of slavery in America. The day observes June 19, 1865, when the Union Army arrived in Texas to announce the Civil War had ended and that all former slaves were now free.

Incidents of violence over the past year have reminded us that the struggle for social and equity issues across our country is not over. We applaud the leadership of the federal government for recognizing the importance of this day and working toward establishing a federal holiday in its honor.

The fight for peace and fairness must continue. At West County Wastewater, we are dedicated to diversity, building a community of inclusiveness and standing up for human rights. This Juneteenth, WCW encourages the community to reflect on the ongoing work needed to secure equity and eliminate discrimination, as well as to take action to ensure local change and global progress.

It is our responsibility, as public service employees and members of the community, to speak up against injustice and protect the rights of all people. WCW recognizes the importance of kindness, compassion and acceptance in our society as we insist on social justice and aim for harmony in our communities.

Read the Board of Directors’ proclamation below.

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